The Natural Evolution of Plant Species Recognition

Our proprietary deep learning software is highly accurate and serves as a major asset in identifying and preserving the vegetation of mass acreage.

Environmental Data Management.



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surveyors, conservationists, government agencies, and the like relied on the Line-Point Intercept method to identify plant species in a given area. This process consumes massive amounts of time and energy while being susceptible to error and inaccuracies.

Our Technology

allows users to streamline the entire process of identifying specific plant species as well as assess plant health over seasonal changes and identify long-term patterns within a given area of hundreds of acres.

Innovative Solutions for Managing Plant:

  • Health
  • Growth
  • Density
  • Recognition

Recent Case Studies

conclude that EcoAnalytics’ specialized software, when used in combination with modern drone technology and GIS methodologies, is highly accurate in digitally mapping specific plant species within a given area. Additionally, the studies show the application to be successful in measuring vegetation diversity and health in the long term.

How it Works

Phase One

Ultra-high resolution 4K digital camera maps the project site.

Phase Two

The images are stitched forming an orthomosaic output.

Phase Three

The imagery is imported into our plant recognition software.

Phase Four

The software is then used to calculate the details of the acreage.

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